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Servicing the Caribbean and Antillean Islands since 1979. 

International Headquarters: 9393 N.W. 13 Street, Doral, Florida 33172


Ph: 305-592-2225 FX: 305-592-9739

Our Mission &Vision
  • To provide personalized service at all times.

  • To take care of our Customers and build lasting relationships.

  • To work diligently to master our areas of responsibility.

  • To develop great supporting Agencies in our ports of call.

  • To develop a network of shipping partners that fit our profile.

  • To grow stronger each day not through quantity but in quality of service.

  • To be competitive and fair in all of our dealings

  • To strive to be the best at what we do.

  • To continue our training and education to keep up with the industry.

  • To welcome technology to improve our level of service at all times.


Company Profile

From very simple beginnings the road to hold and maintain our customer base loyal to our company, has not been by any stretch of the imagination, easy.  Our management has experienced many changes in government compliance, business environment, agencies, US and Ports of call economies, US presidents, and world events. We have always been a step ahead of negative events, and have managed to keep this ship sailing for the benefit of our families, our agents, and the loyal customer following.  We are dedicated to continue to steer this ship into navegable waters at all times, providing a very necessary service to those who rely on our brand of shipping. 

One final, but vital point.  Whether you commission us to take charge of your shipments from start to finish, or to handle only one or several phases of the project, you are always in full control. On our own initiative, or at your specific request, we will keep you fully informed of the status of your shipments at any given time.


Your inquiry about current or future shipping plans is WELCOMED!

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