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The complexities of today's economy calls for a specialist's expertise in the movement of goods.  We've been dedicated shipping specialists since 1979, providing total door to door or port service from one of the world's great export/import centers, Miami, Florida. Thus the finest sea and air facilities are available to us and to you.​

Ocean Freight

Your shipments move quickly and economically! Once you route your purchases through us, we will receive all of your cargo, store it, and consolidate it for you, making sure that your suppliers provide us with all required shipping documentation for export. We contract with the best carriers providing services to our destinations on a weekly basis. 



Air Freight

Should you need to ship via air transportation, we will again make sure we have all required documentation in place to make the proper airline bookings and expedite your cargo in the next available flight to your destination. Our chosen airlines provide daily flights to our destinations.

Inland Freight

We wil make all arrangements for trucking of your goods from any city in the United States to Miami, Florida for further consolidation and shipment to our ports of call in the Caribbean. Our complete service includes finding the best inland-freight rates for your commodity with 2 to 5day transit times depending on the distance to Miami, Florida.

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